We have entered into the month of November and things are rolling smoothly. Our team has been working hard at making cups, coordinating with Malvern associates, and arranging Open Studios.

As of this week we have about 150 cups finished. We are getting into the grind time where we need to start making more and more cups, as well as begin making pieces for the Silent Auction. We are thinking of having part of the Silent Auction be online with bidding taking place on our website or through an app, so stay tuned for further information.

So far we have had three Open Studios, and have had a nice show up for all of them. It’s always great seeing families and kids outside of the Malvern community show up and take part our passion. We have officially decided to include Villa Maria in the event, so we thank them for their help and contribution.

A few scenes from Open Studios

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This past open studio was very productive. We had waves of kids from Malvern and Vila come in eager to help contribute. We had stations of every step towards making a cup. There were throwing stations, painting stations, waxing stations, and glazing stations. When we get good turnouts we are able to be our best in terms of efficiency because of the different stations. People have different preferences, so they can find and do a station that they like.  

Because we are in the Thanksgiving season, it’s nice to think about the reason we are doing this and how thankful we all are about what we have. The purpose of this annual event is to bring people together as a reminder that there are people whose bowls or cups are empty. We want to do this while simultaneously raising as much money as possible for the Bethesda Project, making this is a win-win situation for our cause.

We should all take this time during the Thanksgiving season to reflect on our lives and remember how thankful we all are for having our bowls/cups full, in addition to the families and homes we have. Our daily lives are lived without pausing to think about the lives and experiences of other people. Much of our society now is centered around the individual, instead of spreading attention to our fellow brothers and sisters. Thinking in this way helps motivate our efforts to make this the most successful year we have ever had, and I know we can do it.

Through the fun and positive times, to the frustrating times, we all love what we are doing and will go to extreme lengths to finished what we have started…as a team!