Class is well underway, and we have settle of the name “Cups for Caritas” as our event name.  With a name like this, we hope to incorporate Malvern’s Augustinian values and bring in people outside of the Malvern community so we can show them what we are all about.  In Malvern’s motto: Veritas, Unitas, Caritas; Caritas translates to “Love.”  However, in doing a Google search for Caritas, you find out that a more direct translation of the word is “charity,” which is our main mission through this project.

With little hands-on work time due to school schedules this past week, we have met with several members of the Malvern community to help nail down some of the details surrounding the event.  Director of Mission and Ministry Fr. Chris Drennen has given us advice on the Mass and when speakers from Bethesda Project or the event can come up to present.  Director of Development Mr. Vic D’Ascenzo has helped us with some fundraising ideas and how we can lower expenses before the event to maximize our income.  Lastly, Mr. Ron Algeo, has shared his opinion to us on which parts of the program he likes, and which parts we should revise.  The next few weeks will be a very busy time with designing logos and shirts as well as marketing for the event.

Meeting with Mr. D’Ascenzo. (Wake up, Ben.)

We are looking forward to getting back to the wheel and pulling handles in the upcoming two weeks.  All the cups that are finished so far can be viewed in the art gallery on the left hand side as you enter the Duffy Arts Center.  We have reached the point in the year where we are all comfortable with pulling handles and most of them are rather nice looking.

Something we have noticed about making mugs versus bowls is the touch aspect.  In past years, when we would make bowls they would sit on the tables in the ceramics room, then get moved to the gallery or wherever they were being set up.  This year when the mugs are on the tables, it is common for people to pick them up and feel them in their hands, because that is what a mug is all about: comfort in your hand and drinkability (a made-up word we use to describe how easy it is to drink out of a certain cup).  There is something special about having a mug that is easy to hold, because everyone holds mugs in a different way.  

Spread the word about the new Cups for Caritas event on January 14th, and be on the lookout for advertisements near you.