Cups for Caritas has been approved to take place on Sunday, January 14 thanks to the Leadership team at Malvern Prep. This is a big step for our team. We met with many key contributors to the event such as Mr. Algeo, Fr. Drennen, Mr. D’Ascenzo, and Mr. Gray, who all gave us their input and suggestions.

All the stars are starting to align for this years event. Cups are being thrown and fired, key details are being ironed out with teachers and faculty, and the hype is getting higher and higher after the first open studio took place this Saturday, October 21. These open studios are essential to the event because it is where a large chunk of the production takes place. We have five skilled potters in the class, but the backbone of the event every year is the families and alumni that come in to donate time glazing and throwing.

The big-time alumni that have come through Malvern ceramics and left left their mark in a big way are the ones we always love having back in the studio. As students with a couple years of experience on our belts, we can still continue to learn from the all time greats. There has been an ongoing discussion between members of the class if we will ever stack up to their legacies. We’ll never know, but it’s always fun to compare all of the great potters that have come through Malvern ceramics doing the same thing we’re doing right now. It was great to have Joe Martin ’15 (Loyola U. ’19) back in the studio for our first Open Studio, and he made cups that prove it really is just like riding a bike.

Squad. #cups #pottery #openstudio #cupsforcaritas #talentforservice

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The excitement is getting higher—maybe even too high, because we’ve only scraped the surface of everything that goes into the event. We have a date and the ideas for what to serve but nothing is set in stone. We have to keep this motivation going throughout these couple months to make as many cups as possible.

This event will be the best of all time. Yes, that may seem cocky and outrageous, but I am positive this will happen. I believe in my classmates and everyone who donates their time to the event. Even though this year the event is the most student-centered it’s ever been, I am still confident we can make it happen.

I’m sure Ms. Plows would love to see that happen for two reasons. The first—because it would be amazing to see. Second, she’d now know the students can carry the load of the event and she can relax a little more in the future.