The word is out, Empty Bowls is getting a makeover! 

This year the newly instated Art and Advocacy class focused on the event has decided to change from the conventional bowl event to an event focused on cups and plates. Although the design and logistics may change the mission remains: to raise as much money as possible for Bethesda Project, our partner organization that serves the homeless in Philadelphia.

This week all members of the class have been hard at work brainstorming what the event will actually look like. The tentative consensus was a brunch because, really, who doesn’t love brunch? A Sunday brunch set after a Mass in Chapel seems to be the target for this year’s event.

With four seniors and one sophomore at the helm of planning (with the much needed assistance of Ms. Plows) things can get a little crazy. To corral all the ideas and cut down to reality, a meeting with the wonderful former Director of Christian Service Mr. Larry Legner took place during class this week. With his extensive background in Christian Service and assistance with Empty Bowls, Legner was the perfect person to help us bounce ideas. The meeting was a perfect setting to begin to assemble a list of potential event planning ideas as well as what the next steps are in this process.

Senior Johnny McGlinn posts with just a few of our first cups

Almost everyone agreed that pancakes should be involved in the event. Pancakes at a brunch event is like peanut butter and jelly—just unexplainably perfect. These pancakes paired with coffee served in the ceramic mug of your choosing and sides such as donuts, juice, and fruits sounds very appealing to the class. But the real question is, whether we can be trusted to man the pancake skillets at the event?

Besides changing from a soup dinner with bowls to a brunch with cups and plates our team came up with a couple other ideas for the best event of all time. We ask everyone who can to participate this year to make our dream of breaking $15,000 donated a possibility. Currently, besides the chairs in the Art and Advocacy class the student leadership is at a minimum, as great student leaders have graduated in the last few years. Last year 2017 Empty Bowls had multiple chairs from Villa as well as the Academy of Notre Dame—most of whom have also graduated.

In order to reach our lofty goals for this year we need the same amount of other school participation or even more so we ask anyone who does any kind of art at their school to donate their time and talents to this year’s event. The more participation the better the event will be as a whole, and I guarantee you will have constant fun working in the studio during open studios or even working the actual event.

This first week of work has been challenging but we got the ball rolling for a strong start. More details to come!