Patience is one of the necessary virtues of life. Knowing when and how to wait for the right moment comes in handy in life.

When planning this event we had to wait and see if the meetings we scheduled went through and if we could get permission to do the things we wanted. When planning an event like this doing things efficiently is key, but knowing what to do when waiting is also key. During these waiting periods we had to figure out how to use our time wisely. We also need to be careful of rushing when we are planning for the event. Rushed work is never good work, the little details seem to always be overlooked when rushing.

When planning this event we need to pay attention to those details like how much food we need or the nuances of setting up and organizing volunteers. However, we need to meet a deadline for certain things. To meet these deadlines we have to work efficiently and not rush. While waiting we make more cups or begin to plan for the next meeting so we can be ready to go once we have the information we need.

The cups we make require a lot of patience as well. Having patience is critical for making ceramic art. A cup can sometimes be too wet to trim or attach a handle. We must wait before doing anything to it. Rushing will only ruin the piece. When trimming, sometimes a piece can be too wet to take the extra clay off the bottom. The smart thing to do would be to let the piece dry some more on a shelf. Sometimes, though, artists rush and end up going through the bottom of the piece. The making of these cups is also on a deadline. We need to make a certain amount before the event begins. Again, working efficiently comes into play here. While waiting for other cups to dry we can make new cups, and then while those cups dry we will work the first batch of cups that have finished drying.

Knowing when to wait and when to act is extremely important when making art and planning for the event. Patience is a virtue. We cannot afford to rush and make careless mistakes, but we also have to work efficiently. There is a balance between the two, and finding the balance is very difficult, but once found the result can help you a lot in life.