For the past few Saturdays, the studio has been open, busy with students, families, friends, and alumni from both Malvern Prep and Villa Maria throwing cups, trimming bottoms, pulling handles, and glazing fired cups.

On Saturday, November 18, the studio was closed so that members of Malvern could an spend time in retreat or serving in other ways in the community. Then, on Saturday, November 25, the studio re-opened in full force to host students, alumni, and guests. At multiple points in the afternoon, every wheel was full. The team in the studio threw over 240 cups.

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Upcoming Open Studio Dates:

We are looking for input on the new logo for Cups for Caritas.

If you have been following mpemptybowls on social media, you probably have already have seen the prototype for the Cups for Caritas logo, created by Malvern Prep junior Billy Carlini. While edits are still being made, right now the logo has the words “Cups for Caritas” with the “Cu” in cup representing an actual cup, and the “t” in Caritas representing a cross. We were thinking pink—but now we’ve settled on natural colors that reflect the clay we use in the studio. If you have not seen it yet, take a look at our site, and let us know your thoughts.

Thoughts? (This is not final.) @13illy_carlini design, color idea from our #cupsforcaritas team—

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On Thanksgiving, families gathered around the Thanksgiving table remembering everything they have to be grateful for.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It is about friends and family, and spending time with each other. There is no pressure with gifts. Thanksgiving is all about coming together as a community and just enjoying each other’s company.

Joining together and enjoying each other’s company during this holiday closely relates to everything Cups for Caritas does. On Saturdays, when our studio comes together, we are not only helping create ceramic cups—more importantly, we are becoming part of a community that has a common goal. Alumni talk to current students about what Malvern was like when they were students; students from different grades can meet each other for the first time and begin to make a special connection.

The open studios are just a beginning for community-building. The event itself plays a major role in people gathering together. On one Sunday morning in January, everyone will be gathered together once again to help raise money for the Bethesda Project.

By helping the cause, you are showing that you are grateful for everything you have. That is why our event reminds me of Thanksgiving. Everyone will be together in one room showing how grateful they are for everything in their lives.