We started by kicking off something new, then we agreed on a final name after a lot of debate, Cups for Caritas. Now that everything was approved and now is official, we want to get the word out to students, families, and alumni.

The day after our first and very successful open studio, on Sunday, October 22, Dave and I were at the Malvern Prep Open House talking to parents and students about our mission. As tour groups walked into the studio, we told the visiting families about the process that goes into making a mug (it is much longer than 5 minutes), the planning that goes into Cups for Caritas, and our main goal for the new Art and Advocacy class, which is to have a successful event and raise over $15,000 for the Bethesda Project.

This past week, the five of us met with Malvern’s communications and marketing team, specifically, Ms. Thompson, Ms. Hall, and Ms. Ravenfeld. Our main goal for the meeting was publicizing Cups for Caritas. How do we get the word out to a large audience?

Ms. Thompson, Ms. Hall, and Ms. Ravenfeld shared a lot of valuable information. They discussed the importance of branding Cups for Caritas and getting the brand out to the public quickly. Another important point dealt with our website’s domain. Currently, Empty Bowls is the domain. It may be a good idea to keep the domain the same for this current year, but change the layout to Cups for Caritas and show the connection between the old name and the new. Eventually, we could phase out Empty Bowls and change over completely to a new site for Cups for Caritas.

Thanks to the @malvernprep Marketing + Communications Team for taking the time to plan and brainstorm with us! #cupsforcaritas #studentleadership

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Another piece of important information shared with us was that the marketing team has a forum on Facebook that communicates with parents and alumni which could be used to feature updates for the event. Progress could also be posted on Malvern Weekly.

After much discussion and great valuable advice from the marketing team, we have decided to investigate ways to take our current social media accounts to a higher level. This could include live streaming open studios on Instagram and Facebook and using Snapchat leading up to the event.

The best way for our work to be shared is by each of you in the Malvern community sharing our posts and spreading the word. When you see a Cups for Caritas post on any type of social media, you can help by sharing to your own social media feeds. This helps us to spread our word.